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Can You Trust MetaWealth with Your Money?

Daniel Boltinsky

June 21, 2023

If you're reading this article, you already know real estate is a wise investment. 

You know that the wealthy buy prime real estate to get richer while everyone else gets priced out. 

Metawealth wants to change this by leveraging the flexibility, security, and efficiency of NFT tokens to open this asset class (real estate) to everyone. 

But, after the fiascos and fraud of the crypto market in 2020-2023, you're 100% right to be skeptical. 

This article will explain how our tokens grant holders legally binding rights to physical, income-generating real estate. 

We hope it will convince you to join the revolution to democratize real estate investing, along with 7000 users so far who are already seeing the benefits. However, if you have any questions after reading this article, please email us at We'll do our best to provide answers. 

What makes MetaWealth different from FTX, Celsius, and all the crypto companies who promised investors everything, then collapsed?

While the crypto bubble of 2021/2022 was caused by massive speculation on assets with no real-world value, MetaWealth token holders own fully built, expert-managed apartments, commercial spaces, and parking lots selected and evaluated by real estate experts. 

For example, here is the independent evaluation of our first property

When investors use tokens to buy an asset on the MetaWealth platform, they own the asset fully. There's no leverage or debt involved, and token holders earn income from the income rental of the properties. 

Token holders may request all financial statements related to their assets (e.g., expenses and revenues) by contacting MetaWealth, and we are currently working on making these accessible on the app directly. 

For us, tokens and NFTs aren't gambling chips to speculate on crypto but financial instruments that can reduce friction in buying real estate and verifying ownership. We operate in markets such as Romania that recognize NFTs as legal and financial instruments, which we will explain further in this article.   

How do MetaWealth investments work?

Much of the value MetaWealth brings investors is finding the best real estate deals. 

As of the middle of 2023, our focus is on Romania and the CEE region (you can find our reasoning here), which, traditionally, have only been accessible to EU-based investors or those specializing in the region.   

When we list the properties on MetaWealth, they're bundled under a Special Purpose Vehicle—a fully independent subsidiary company—that becomes the owner of the assets. 

For more info, see What is a SPV in Real Estate

After doing your research, if you agree that an asset is a good investment, you can purchase an NFT granting you the economic benefits of the asset and voting rights in the SPV. All voting rights and economic benefits of the SPV are divided among the token holders. 

You can find the whitepaper and legal agreement guaranteeing token-holders these rights in the app, under each asset.

We encourage you to read this document, as well as the asset-specific investor documents in the MetaWealth app, before purchasing tokens. 

screenshot of the metawealth app asset page

As a smart contract, all investments in our fractionalized real estate assets are transparent and immutable, which means you can verify the allocations yourself. For example, see the smart contract of our first offering on Etherscan. (NCC+NL, the name of the token, refers to the property—NorthLight + New Confort City.) 

What happens to my investment if MetaWealth disappears?

While we don't plan on going bankrupt any time soon, we know the question is on all potential investors' minds, as it should.

In a worst-case scenario where MetaWealth disappears, along with the app and team, what happens to your tokens, NFTs, and money? 

All ownership documents related to the assets listed and sold on the MetaWealth app are in the public record, and we operate in jurisdictions where NFTs can be recognized as proof of ownership.

The SPV cannot sell the asset without a vote in favor of token holders. Furthermore, appointing a Consumer Security Agent is an added layer of protection for investors.

This Consumer Security Agent, a team of independent European lawyers, is a distinct and independent legal entity operating under EU law to protect the interests of token holders. They insure: 

  • Net rents are distributed by the MetaWealth SPV 1 to the token holders
  • Assets cannot be mortgaged or encumbered with debt;
  • Assets are protected and cannot be sold without the token holders' approval;
  • Net proceeds from any token sale that takes place with the customers' approval are distributed to the token holders;
  • MetaWealth SPV 1 fulfils its obligations and were a material breach to occur, the Token Trustee entity will enforce your rights by taking over from MetaWealth SPV 1, proceed to sell the assets and distribute the net proceeds to the token holders.

Romania, and the EU more broadly, is farther ahead than the US in regulating crypto and NFTs. A combination of our sales purchase agreement, EU Council laws, MiFID II, the Consumer Security Agent, and the soon-to-come MiCAR regulations uphold investors' rights independent of the MetaWealth team and app. 

Conclusion: You Don’t Need to Trust MetaWealth with Your Money

If it’s not clear by now, MetaWealth is a platform that enables and facilitates investments in fractionalized real estate, rather than investing on anyone’s behalf.

While our real estate experts select assets for listing, unlike a REIT or fund, all assets and money (in the form of fiat or crypto) remain fully in the hands of investors. You can invest safely and just watch your wealth grow with all safeguards already in place for you.

If you need more information about MetaWealth investments and how they work, you can see our FAQ section or simply open up our Support chat in the app and request a meeting with one of our representatives.

Happy investing!

metawealth promo for investing in real estate

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