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Become a MetaWealth™ Partner

Bring Your Real Estate Business And Assets Into the Future With Web3.

Are you a real estate owner looking to raise capital or sell your property? At MetaWealth, we offer a unique and innovative way for you to do just that. By selling your property on our platform, you can:

- Reach a large and diverse audience of retail investors who are looking to invest in real estate.
- Offer your property as fractionalized ownership stakes, allowing investors to purchase small portions of your property rather than having to buy the entire asset.
- Benefit from the security and transparency of blockchain technology, which ensures that all transactions are secure and transparent.

How does a real estate partnership with MetaWealth™ work?

MetaWealth™ has created a proprietary (Patent Pending) platform for digitizing real assets, centralizing and connecting parts of the value chain to drive investment returns.

We have successfully worked on single chain steps such as improving an asset sale process, all the way up to digitalising assets with a partial exit to release equity.

MetaWealth™ connects technology with capital to unlock potential.

Unlock Capital From Your Real Estate, with the MetaWealth Web3 Investment Platform.

Onboarding real estate assets into the digital world and in the MetaWealth™ app can unlock a number of advantages including:

  • Reduced transaction fees and closing period

    Partial asset sale (equity release) or exit, including debt replacement

    3 stage digital Due Diligence process including Virtual Data Rooms

    Verified transaction process status with independent partners

    Access to investment platform and investor base

    Management and support from experienced industry principles

    Full suite services for asset optimisation and yield generation

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We would be happy to discuss the process with you and answer any questions you may have.
Thank you for considering MetaWealth™!

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