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Meet the Team

MetaWealth™ was born out of the need to bring the wealth-building tools of the privileged to everyone, regardless of background. We believe the current financial system is broken and one of the effects of this dysfunction is the widening gap between the rich and the rest.

All of us here at MetaWealth™ share the belief that we can build and deliver the best all-in-one product that can help people future-proof their finances.

Amr Adawi

Co-founder, Co-CEO

Having been a chief architect and developer at FinTech startups with $8B in assets in the past, and having built B2C startups from the ground up. Amr is thrilled to bring his +7 years of expertise to maximize MetaWealth clients' financial potential using cutting-edge technology. Previously, Amr was a Senior Engineer at a start-up that was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg.

Darren Carvalho

Co-founder, Co-CEO

Former Vice President at Goldman Sachs New York office, working with the Investment Banking and GS Growth Equity groups to advise and evaluate the firm’s existing and potential portfolio companies and clients. Previously, a technical architect at TD Bank - building and deploying AI/ML applications firm wide.

Michael Topolinski

Co-founder, Chairman

Michael built a real estate development company and portfolio for the past 35 years. InteRo, his company, acquired and developed assets worth over $300 million. Michael is leveraging his expertise in real estate to bring financial success to the next generation of investors and help usher in a new era of web 3 enabled real estate fractionalized investing.


Managing Director, Assets & Partnerships

Richard’s passion is in reliable, secure investments, focusing on growth and yield. He was partner and CEO of a British real estate investment fund, which developed over 700 condos/ apartments. Prior to this, Richard has nearly a decade as a commodities trader.

Gabriel Stanciu

Head of User Experience & Design

Gabriel's role as Head of UX & Design (Design Manager) at MetaWealth is built upon a foundation of meticulous attention to detail and a user-centric design philosophy. With over a decade of experience in product design and development, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative vision to the table.

Cezar Bocioaca

Junior UI/UX Designer

Cezar started as Marketing Intern, which then progressed in the direction of design, thus becoming a Junior UI/UX Designer. With an eye for detail and a passion for crafting intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces, Cezar brings a fresh perspective to every project.

Michael Topolinski IV

Managing Director of Investor Relations

With a wealth of experience in sales and real estate, Michael brings a formidable skill set to the table. A dedicated professional, committed to self-evaluation and continuous growth, Michael firmly believes in giving your best effort, developing top-notch practices, and consistently delivering outstanding results.

Daniel Pruna

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel is an experienced financial managing partner in several enterprises dealing with real estate, with a total experience of over 10 years in senior positions. His expertise in all matters of real estate finance is immensely valuable to our current efforts of bringing in a new era of real estate investing.

Violeta Motoc

Head of Finance

With more than 16 years of experience in leading auditing, finance, and operations departments for mid-size companies, Violeta contributes to the growth of MetaWealth through her skills in coordinating finance and business processes. Violeta also brings a revenue and growth mindset to the finance and accounting team.

Denis Conon

Wealth Advisor

With a proven track record of success in luxury real estate, Denis has more than 3 years experience as a Senior Property Advisor in one of the biggest real estate developers in the premium areas in Romania. He brings a specialization in investing and strong Spanish language proficiency. With his experience, result driven mentality and deep market knowledge, he is a strong contributor to MetaWealth's success.

Andrei Pospai

Investor Relations Team Lead - Marbella

Starting as a private pilot, Andrei transitioned through banking, luxury car sales, and business development before finding his niche in luxury real estate sales.  His skills in customer service, financial understanding, negotiation, and business development will help him deliver a tailored and exceptional experience for MetaWealth's clients.

Filip Petrea

Wealth Advisor

Experienced real estate professional with 15 years of dedicated service, specializing in helping individuals and families find their dream homes and make successful property investments. As a true "people person", Filip prioritizes building relationships and understanding clients unique needs.

Nicolae Snagoveanu

Marketing Specialist 

Seasoned professional with over ten years of media experience. Skilled online marketer, PPC specialist and social media superhero, consistently driven engagement and revenue growth through strategic campaigns and expertise.

Daniel Boltinsky

Communications Specialist

Daniel is a content and communications specialist with experience at several top PR agencies and tech outlets. With deep vertical expertise in the Web3 and tech industries, he is passionate about making complex ideas relevant to the general public.

Tyronne Ramella

Head of Compliance and Regulatory

Tyronne Ramella brings over a decade of comprehensive experience in compliance, spanning various sectors such as private equity, payments, and both retail and corporate banking. His expertise extends across African, UK, EEA, and EU financial markets, providing him with a nuanced understanding of regulatory environments on a global scale.

Oleh Rudak

Founding Engineer

Oleh is a Full-stack TS and Smart Contracts developer with in-depth experience in the NFT & DeFi industry. He is skilled in React and Node.js technologies, with a deep passion for Web 3.0. His contributions to our platform are enabling a safe and smooth experience for all our users.

Maksym Litvinov

React-Native Developer

Maksym is a highly experienced Front-End developer with over 5 years of professional experience in building mobile applications. His primary focus is React Native and building a robust product. His expertise has been invaluable for ensuring our app functions at above industry standard levels.

Marko Sabec

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Marko brings extensive experience in DevOps and backend engineering, with expertise in areas like Web3 APIs, NFT platforms, and robust system architecture. His strategic approach to system design and commitment to coding excellence will greatly enhance our projects and workflows.

Alexandra Pufescu

HR Specialist

Alexandra has worked in the past 2 years as a Talent Acquisition Consultant in a staffing agency, where she mainly specialized in IT Recruiter and end to end processes. Her people experience and skill set will contribute to our fast growing company.

Alina Militaru

Head of Asset Management

With 15 years experience in real estate as Property Manager, Facility Manager and Operational Director for several large scale companies, Alina also has extensive knowledge and experience in retail, logistics and residential construction. Skilled in Negotiations, Business Planning, Operations Management, Property Management, Community and Facility Management.

Alina Brad

Senior Accountant

Alina Brad is a seasoned Senior Accountant with extensive experience. Holding a Master's Degree in Accounting and Taxation of Patrimony from the University of Economic Studies, she is also a Chartered Accountant and has been a member of CECCAR since June 2018. Committed to continuous improvement, she holds certifications in writing European projects.

Bogdan Antonescu

Legal Consultant

Bogdan is a seasoned lawyer with a passion for technology, real estate transactions, and Web3 development. He has a strong track record in facilitating complex real estate transactions, providing invaluable guidance to clients navigating property matters.

Mihai Uta

Internal Legal Counsel

Mihai is our in-house lawyer who helps the company with its legal needs in several areas of law: corporate, real estate, contracts, data protection, as well as liaising with our external counsel. He is passionate about the intersection of law and technology, especially the new domain of real estate on web 3.0.

Raluca Tudor

Due Diligence Coordinator

Raluca specializes in due diligence services, providing accurate and up-to-date information about the risks involved in investing in real estate and helping clients & partners make informed decisions by delivering comprehensive analysis and investigative reports.


Web3 Marketing Specialist

Prospero is a multilingual professional with a robust background in strategic planning, client management, and business development. He brings a wealth of experience in executing successful sales campaigns, crafting compelling strategies, and leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making.

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