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Mane Residences in Costa del Sol, Spain

Daniel Boltinsky

December 4, 2023

Costa del Sol is one of Europe's most sought after destinations for real estate investors. 

However, most people find themselves barred from this lucrative market due to barriers like language, domain expertise, and financial constraints. 

MetaWealth now makes it possible for anybody to invest in Costa del Sol tokenized real estate from as little as $100.  

What is Mane Residences?

MetaWealth's latest offering in this sun-kissed region is nothing short of spectacular. We've carefully curated a package of seven luxury apartments, including two penthouses, at the prestigious Mane Residences in Benalmádena, Málaga.

This development, nestled against majestic mountains and facing the serene Mediterranean, promises not only breathtaking sea views but also an abundance of sunshine. Complementing these residences are fourteen parking and seven storage units, rounding off what can only be described as a top-tier investment opportunity.

Project Milestones 

The Mane Residences project has already hit significant milestones. With Building Authorizations secured, construction is underway and sales have kicked off to an overwhelming response. As of November 2023, 67% of the apartments are already reserved. The project is on a steady path towards completion in Q4 2025—it aligns perfectly with MetaWealth's track record of precision and timely execution.

Mane Residences, Spain

Track Record and Investor Returns

MetaWealth's journey in the real estate domain has been marked by success and innovation. This Costa del Sol package is our fourth asset listing, following the successful closure of our first three projects.

These projects not only achieved their investment goals but also distributed a substantial $120,000 in rental income to investors from 23 countries. This stands as a testament to our commitment to generating value for our investors. Key figures for Mane Residences in Costa del Sol include:

  • Projected 2-year ROI of 45.5%
  • Project completion in 2 years
  • Monthly MW bonus payouts

Mane Residences, Spain

Accessibility and Investment Approach

The crux of this investment opportunity lies in its accessibility. Mane Residences, with its luxury appeal and strategic location, represents a class of assets typically reserved for the affluent few.

MetaWealth is breaking down these traditional barriers, offering fractional ownership that opens the door to investors from various backgrounds. This approach not only diversifies the investment pool but also mitigates individual risk, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned and new investors.

Mane Residences, Spain

Conclusion: A Gateway to Luxury Real Estate

Costa del Sol's real estate market is a blend of stability and growth, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to diversify their portfolio with real estate. The region's popularity as a second and third home destination, especially among affluent markets in Northern Europe and the Middle East, adds to its allure.

In conclusion, MetaWealth's latest venture in Costa del Sol is more than just an investment opportunity; it is a gateway to the exclusive world of luxury real estate, made accessible to many. As we march towards the completion of Mane Residences, we invite investors to be a part of this exciting journey, redefining the landscape of real estate investment.

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