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MetaWealth Expands its Real Estate Investment Portfolio with Launch of Second Asset


June 26, 2023

Investors in Tokenized Real Estate Are Seeing Their First Returns and a New Opportunity

Press communication released on June 22nd 2023.

MetaWealth, the fintech startup with a strong presence in Zurich, Bucharest, and Dublin, continues to revolutionize the real estate investment landscape with the launch of its highly anticipated second asset on its groundbreaking fractional investing platform. This latest offering comprises 36 apartments situated in the esteemed Cosmopolis and New Confort City residential projects, cementing MetaWealth's commitment to providing investors with exceptional opportunities for financial growth and long-term wealth creation. 

With a total value of $2.6 million, investors can now secure their fractional ownership in this remarkable asset for as little as $100. The apartments, which will be fully rented and occupied by the end of the asset’s funding period, promise an estimated annual net rental ROI of 6.13%, offering investors a steady and reliable income stream. Moreover, investors stand to benefit from an immediate profit on purchase (PoP) of 14.02%, derived from the esteemed valuation by Colliers International, as well as an estimated asset appreciation of 36.73% over the next five years.

MetaWealth's dedication to providing investors with exceptional investment opportunities is exemplified through the seamless integration of technology, real estate expertise, and unparalleled market insights. By offering fractional ownership and meticulously selecting fully rented and professionally managed properties, MetaWealth empowers individuals from all walks of life to participate in the lucrative world of real estate investment, while mitigating risks and maximizing returns.

"Our second asset launch signifies another significant milestone for MetaWealth and our ever-growing community of investors," stated Michael Topolinski, co-founder of MetaWealth. "We are thrilled to offer our investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and reap the rewards of a resilient and thriving real estate market. The attractive projected returns, combined with the immediate profit on purchase, demonstrate our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value and unparalleled investment opportunities."

In addition to the launch of the second asset, MetaWealth is celebrating another notable achievement: during the months of May and June —the distribution of the first two rounds of rental income from Asset 1 to the delighted 153 investors from 14 countries, amounting to an impressive sum of $21,434. This milestone underscores MetaWealth's ability to deliver on its promises and generate tangible results for its ever-expanding investor base.

MetaWealth's remarkable growth and success have positioned the company as a trailblazer in the realm of real estate tokenization. With a focus on expanding their portfolio, MetaWealth is actively seeking new investment opportunities for 2023 ranging from $3 to 5 million in more mature real estate markets, including Valencia (Spain), Warsaw (Poland), and Athens (Greece). 

Furthermore, MetaWealth is currently engaged in negotiations for a strategic partnership with a prominent London-based digital bank, demonstrating the increasing demand and recognition of their transformative investment platform. 

About MetaWealth™:

MetaWealth™ is a web3 investment platform connecting real estate vendors with buyers, available through Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which allows users to invest in fractions of real estate assets and other valuable assets and obtain profit both from recurring rental income and from asset appreciation.

The MetaWealth team consists of 20+ highly skilled engineers, real-estate experts, and business personnel, besides the core team of co-founders and advisors.

Beyond the financial benefits for its users, MetaWealth™ believes in the value of better financial education for everybody and wants to build a community of potential investors and / or people who want to manage their finances better, building a solid future. The educational content will be one of the pillars of this community and will be constantly updated.

This press release was covered in Business Review, Forbes, Bursa, FutureBanking and other local and global publications.

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