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What Happened in March

Daniel Boltinsky

March 26, 2024

March is the start of spring and, coincidentally, huge developements at MetaWealth that will change how users build wealth on our platform. Here's the roundup of what's new:

  • Product: Web App Launch
  • Product: Improved Asset Page
  • Real Estate: Vivace Pre-Sale
  • Marketing: Live Events in Marbella

Product Update 1: We launched our Web App

In March, we made one of the biggest changes yet to our platform by launching our web app. It allows anybody to invest on our asset packages online, through our website.

Note that we’re still improving the app daily, and our sights are still on making ours the premier app for wealth generation in the world.

But now, you can also now browse the assets directly on the web, without installing the app. Here are the benefits:

  • Accessibility for who prefer to use desktop
  • Being able to look through all the details of the asset up close
  • More convenient to read and download the Document Stack

Product Update 2: Our Asset Page—new and improved  

Our in-app asset page is the key link between users and assets, so it’s super important that it’s clear and usable. Here’s how we improved it:

  1. There is now a scrolling navigation bar at the top, to help you navigate between the sections of this page.
  2. The Document Stack section is more visible.
  3. Critically, we’ve divided the funds raise bar to show how many individual units have been fully funded at a given time. MetaWealth gets users the best real estate deals by buying in bulk, but in the hypothetical situation we don’t reach our full goal (never happened before) we can still purchase a portion of apartments in the package at the same price and ROI. It’s not all or nothing.

Asset Update: Vivace Luxury Villas opened with a bang  

Vivace raised a whopping $262,400 in its first week, the fastest collection of capital for an asset yet. (At the time of publishing, 4 weeks in, we’ve raised $560,000.)

Besides being a world-class, elite real estate project, we’ve been offering our best bonuses and incentives yet.  

  • $100 back back when you purchase 5 tokens
  • 5% cash back when you purchase 50 tokens or more

Note that these bonuses are available until the end of the Early Bird sale.  

Marketing Update: Live events hit Marbella

In an effort to meet more users face to face, we participated in 3 live events in Marbella, Spain. Attendees got the opportunity to meet members of our team and learn more about tokenized real estate.

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